NEW-Two Roads Persian Lime Sour Gose 4.5%
NEW-Rogue Marion Berry Sour 6.5%
NEW-Wyndridge Mojito Cider 5.5%
NEW-Two Roads Road Jam Raspberry 5%
NEW-Left Handed Beerlini Peach 4.1%
NEW-Not Your Father's Fruit Punch
NEW-White Claw Black Cherry 5%
NEW-## Sol 4%
Southern Tier Imperial Oak Stout 1pint.9 12.6%
Kingview Meads- Orange, Hoppy or 1# 6.9%
Piraat or Kasteel Rouge 10.5%
Southern Tier Samoa This 10%
Southern Tier Chocolat or Thin Mint 10%
Fat Heads Hop JuJu 9%
Southern Tier Wrinkle Fabric or Help Is On The 8.5%
Southern Tier Peach Gose or Grape Sour 8.3%
Southern Tier 3 Citrus Peel Out 8%
Flying Monkey Juicy AZZ 16oz 6.5%
Flying Monkey Transmission Milkshake IPA 6.3%
Oscar Blues Ten Fidy 10.5%
Omnipollo Noa Peacan Mudcake 11%
Omnipollo Mango S'mores 7%
Evil Twin Molotov Surprise 12%
Ommegang Gnomegang 9.5%
New Holland Black Tulip 9%
Orkney Skull Splitter Scotch Ale 8.5%
Evil Twin Half and Half IPA 7%
Prarie Imaginary Friends 7%
Ballast Point Fathom or Commodore 6%
Evil Twin Sumo In A Side Car 7%
Victory Golden Monkey 9.5%
Dogfish 90 Minute 9%
Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail lite 16oz 8.5%
Southern Tier 2x 8.2%
Fat Heads Head Hunter 7.5%
Prarie Twist 7%
Modern Times Fruitlands 5%
Terrapin Wake and Bake 9.4%
Nickelbrook Bolshevik Bastard 9%
Victory Dirtwolf 8.7%
Great Lakes Hop Madness 8%
Stone Arrogant Bastard or Jindia 7.2%
New Belguim Sour Saison 7%
New Holland Mad Hatter 7%
Blake's Snap Dragon Cider 6.9%
Rusty Rail Fog Monster 6.8%
Flying Monkey Smash Bomb IPA 6%
Rougue Hazelnut Brown 5.6%
Ommegang Fruition 5.3%
Verdi 5%
Full Pint T-Funk or White Lightning 4.8%
Evil Twin A is For Apricot 4.5%
Guinness Draught Can 4.3%
Evil Twin Sanguinem Aurantiaco 3.25%
Dogfish Romantic Chemistry
Springhouse Planet Bean Coffee Stout
Troege's Blizzard of Hops
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple 5%
Southern Tier IPA or NuSkool 7.3%
Unita Hop Notch Tangerine IPA 7.3%
Bells Two Hearted Ale 7%
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Celebration 7%
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing 6.7%
Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo 6.7%
Southern Tier 8 Days 6.7%
Victory Hopdevil 6.7%
Evil Genious Bye Felecia 6.5%
Sierra Nevada No Middle Ground 6.2%
Dogfish 60 Minute or Flesh and Blood 6%
MackJac Black Currant Cider 6%
Sprecker's Malt Duck Grape 6%
Oscar Blues Fugli IPA 5.8%
Boulder Bump n Rind Watermelon 5.6%
Blue Moon Belgian White 5.4%
Fat Heads Bumbleberry 5.3%
AleSmith Sublime Lager 5.2%
Southern Tier Lemon Drop Sun 5.1%
Arnold Palmer Spiked 5%
Crispin Rose 5%
Stella Artois 5%
Twisted Tea Half & Half or Tropical 5%
Zima 5%
Terrapin Recreational IPA 4.7%
Rivertowne Mangs Up or Salt n Pepper Gose 4.6%
Rougue Hot Tub Scholarship Lager 4.6%
Magner's Pear Cider 4.5%
New Belgium Tartastic or Strawberry Lemon 4.5%
Smirinoff Red White & Berry or Black Cherry 4.5%
Travelers Lemon, Jack O, or Lucky 4.4%
Owl's Brew Watermelon Beer Tea 3.8%
Dogfish Dragons and Yum Yums
Evil Genious Stacey's Mom or I Love Lamp
Flying Dog Bloody Mary or Bird's Eye Rye
Flying Dog Scorpian Pepper Fruited IPA
Founders Sumatra
Lake Placid Big Slide IPA or Ubu Ale
Leiniekugel Summer or Orange Shandy
Magic Hat DropkickMurphy BarHero
New Belgium Fat Tire
Terrapin Krunkles, HI5 ,or Hopsecutioner
Redds Apple Ale 5%
Arrogant Brewing Who you Callin Wussie 5.8%
Heineken 5.4%
Blakes Grizzly Pear 5%
Labatt Blue or Lime, Grapefruit, or Orange 5%
Lancaster Blue Trail Shandy 5%
Magic Hat #9 5%
Mike's Hard Black Cherry 5%
Corona or Corona Light 4.6%
Seagrams Bahama Mama 3.2%
Arcadia Ales Sky High Rye Pale Ale 6%
Budweiser or Bud Light 5%
Florida Beer Co. Key West Ale or Lager 5%
Iron City, IC Light or IC Mango 4.5%
Yuengling -- Black or Tan -- Pilsner 4.4%
Coors Light 4.2%
Michelob Ultra 4.2%
Miller Light or MGD 4.2%
Green Flash Remix 6.2%
Rivertowne Hippoats 5.3%